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Can I Buy A Santa Maria CA Short Sale and Still Qualify for the $8000 Tax Credit?

So many of the first time home buyers in the Santa Maria market today are concerned about whether they will qualify for the $8000 tax credit. Short sale purchases can qualify for the credit , so long as the buyer qualifies for the credit in general. (You should check withb your tax professional on this issue). However, because the timelines on short sales are somewhat undetermined, they can fail to close by the deadline for the tax credit. Right now, it is my understanding that in order to qualify a buyer must have a confirmed contract by April 30th. In the case of a short sale purchase, this means the buyer must have a signed contract and bank approval of the short sale in hand in order to qualify for the tax credit. And, the transaction must close by June 30th.
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Arborwalk & Autumn Glen Townhomes – Santa Maria CA Homes Update

The Arborwalk and Autumn Glen townhome communities are newer homes built between 2003 - 2006 and offer an ideal location in south Santa Maria. Both communities are close to shopping, restaurants and other amenities. Arborwalk is a gated community at the intersection of Miller & McCoy, and Autumn Glen is located across from the Crossroads Shopping Center at the intersection of Crossroad Lane & Bradley Rd.
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The Santa Maria CA Market is Tough on Buyers

Currently, there is intense competition among buyers in the Santa Maria market. If this is a buyer's market, it sure doesn't feel like it anymore. Indeed, with the banks calling almost all the shots in the under $300,000 market (short sales and foreclosures), it certainly feels like a sellers market.
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Is it me or are Santa Maria CA Short Sales getting easier?

Are Santa Maria CA short sales getting a little easier? Maybe I'm on a high because I just received a short sale approval the other day, and I'm in escrow on another approved short sale that will close in less than 30 days. But, it seems like more and more short sales are being approved every day. A buyer of mine received an approval on another short sale they bid on this month, and lately I'm noticed an increase in the amount of "approved" short sales on the market.
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The Santa Maria Real Estate Market is Hot!

I know the media is saying that the real estate market is in the dumps. And I guess if you were hoping to get housing boom level prices for your home, it is. But if you are a Santa Maria or Ocutt home owner who needs to sell your home, you should know that the Santa Maria real estate market is hot! Why do I say that? Because homes that are priced in line with today's market that are not short sales, sell in less than a week. I feel as if this is a hidden secret of today's market place. Everyone believes that it is hard to sell your home right now, but even short sales that are well priced are receiving multile offers right now.
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