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2009 Orcutt CA Real Estate & Foreclosure Market Update

There were a total of 509 homes and condos sold in 2009 in the Orcutt area. Included in these figures are homes in the 93455 zip code which includes some homes and condos in Santa Maria that are south of Betteravia. 439 of the sales were single family homes and 70 were condos/PUDs. The average list price was $339,181, and the average sales price was $332,989 at $182 per square foot with73 days on market. For condos and PUDs, the average list price was $185,185, and average sales price was $179,203 at $132 per square foot with 89 days on the market.
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Looking to Buy HUD Homes in Santa Maria or Lompoc CA?

Are you interested in buying a HUD home in Santa Maria, Orcutt, or Lompoc? You can search for HUD homes by clicking here. Also, you need a registered HUD agent to write an offer on a HUD home. I am a registered selling agent with HUD and I can take you for a tour of any local HUD home, explain the bidding process, and write an offer. These homes are generally not listed on the MLS, so the potential for a buyer bargain is tremendous as they receive less exposure.
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Santa Maria CA & Lompoc CA Foreclosure Buyers Can Choose Local Escrow Companies

Finally! Those of you who read my blog recall my recent blog post on buying a foreclosure and not receiving your keys until the day after it closes. It appears that the Claifornia legislature has take a stab at the heart of the problem, which was the fact that buyers were not allwoed to pick their own excrow companies in these transactions. Banks would hire title and escrow companies to complete their foreclosure proceeding and when they turned around to sell the property as an REO, they would compel the buye to use that same title/escrow company to complete the purchase.
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Buying Central Coast Foreclosures: Pre-Qualification Blues

Home buyers focusing on central coast foreclosure properties are running up against lender pre-qualification requirements when bidding for bank owned properties. Many of the bank owned (REO) property listings require that potential buyers get pre-qualified with their company in order to place a bid on the property. Countrywide, Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae (Express Path) listings frequently have this requirement.
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Buying Central Coast Foreclosed Properties at Auction

I attended a foreclosed home property auction hosted by Hudson & Marshall in Ventura last evening. Fortunately, my client was successful in his bid so it was worth the trip down for both of us. He was also able to save about $80,000 off the list price of the property. It was an exciting event and we were both still on a high while we waited with the other winners to sign contracts. All the winning bids are subject to investor/bank approval which will take about 5-7 days to obtain, so we will know if the deal will stick in about a week.
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Bank Owned Bidding Wars in the Santa Maria – Orcutt CA Foreclosure Market

Is it a great time to buy? Yes. Interest rates are at historic lows, Congress just passed an $8000 tax credit for first time buyers, and prices just keep getting better and better. There are plenty of folks who are taking advantage of this opportunity. As such, jumping into the current market for foreclosure properties in Santa Maria - Orcutt CA can be a rude awakening for potential buyers. Currently, there is a lot of competition for foreclosed properties. REOs comprise the majority of sold properties in the Santa Maria and Orcutt housing market.
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