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Who Pays the Real Estate Commission in a Short Sale Transaction?

The number one question I'm asked by home owners contemplating a short sale is "Who pays your commission?" Often people are already cash strapped in a short sale situation and they wonder if they have to pay a real estate agent out of their own pocket in order to short sell their property. The short answer is that is the bank. Of course, every real estate company writes their own listing agreements. Some require that owners make up any short fall in what the bank will pay with their own funds. But, most will settle for what the bank will agree to pay them.
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Bank Owned Bidding Wars in the Santa Maria – Orcutt CA Foreclosure Market

Is it a great time to buy? Yes. Interest rates are at historic lows, Congress just passed an $8000 tax credit for first time buyers, and prices just keep getting better and better. There are plenty of folks who are taking advantage of this opportunity. As such, jumping into the current market for foreclosure properties in Santa Maria - Orcutt CA can be a rude awakening for potential buyers. Currently, there is a lot of competition for foreclosed properties. REOs comprise the majority of sold properties in the Santa Maria and Orcutt housing market.
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