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Santa Maria CA & Orcutt CA Homes For Sale

There are currently 528 homes for sale in the Santa Maria CA (and Orcutt CA) area. Approximately 250 of those homes are short sales where bank approval is necessary to complete the sale. About 141 of the remaining homes are bank owned / foreclosure listings. Thus, approximately 50 percent of the Santa Maria inventory is short saled, and about 25% is bank owned (REOs). You can search for short sales and REO Santa Maria homes at and
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Santa Maria CA & Orcutt CA Bank Owned / Foreclosure Market Update

The Santa Maria/Orcutt CA market for foreclosure properties is certainly not unique. However, because of media reports on overall trends in the national real estate market, many who venture into the local home buying market are under the misimpression that there are hundreds of cheap houses sitting out there for the picking. That is not exactly how it is currently working. I might say that about the local condo market — but not the market for homes. That is not to say that there are not bargains out there. There clearly are. But, the local market for foreclosed properties is extremely competitive. On one particularly choice recent bank owned listing, the listing agent reported 28 offers in 5 days.
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