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Will I Still Owe the Bank Money If I Do A Short Sale?

If you have one mortgage loan on your California home the answer is no. Senate Bill 931 allows that after January 1, 2011, if a lender on a first mortgage accepts a short sale, they are agreeing to waive the deficiency amount. So, if they approve the short sale and it closes, you will not owe your lender any additional money, even though you have not paid back the entire loan balance.
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Santa Maria and Lompoc CA Short Sale Seller Tips

Everyone in the Santa Maria and Lompoc housing marlet is talking about short sales these days. They love them, they hate them, they love to hate them, they. . . well you get the picture. There are a lot of opinions on them. One thing is for sure, if you are a short sale seller you should work with an experienced agent and obtain legal and tax advice before entering into a short sale arrangement. Short sales have significant financial, legal, tax, and credit consequences.
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