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2009 Lompoc CA and Vandenberg Village CA Real Estate & Foreclosure Market Update

There were 360 single family homes sold in the Lompoc and Vandenberg Village in 2009. This excludes manufactured home sales. This figure is down approximately 10% from the 401 homes/condos that were reported sold in 2008. Of the 360 homes/condos sold in 2009, 305 were single gamily detached homes, and 55 were attached/condo dwellings. 217 of the sales were foreclosures (REOs) and 50 were short sales.
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Santa Maria CA & Lompoc CA Foreclosure Buyers Can Choose Local Escrow Companies

Finally! Those of you who read my blog recall my recent blog post on buying a foreclosure and not receiving your keys until the day after it closes. It appears that the Claifornia legislature has take a stab at the heart of the problem, which was the fact that buyers were not allwoed to pick their own excrow companies in these transactions. Banks would hire title and escrow companies to complete their foreclosure proceeding and when they turned around to sell the property as an REO, they would compel the buye to use that same title/escrow company to complete the purchase.
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Lompoc CA & Vandenberg Village CA 2008 Market Update & MLS Listing Search

There were a total of 400 homes sold in the Lompoc and Vandenberg Village areas in 2008. 346 were detached dwellings, and 54 were attached residences. Of the 400 sold, 226 were REOs (bank owned) and 31 were short sales. So, a total of 257 out of 400, or 64% were foreclosure related sales. Thus, the Lompoc market is thoroughly dominated by foreclosure activity; it is the primary force moving the market.
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Are you PCS'ing to Vandenberg AFB and Looking for Housing?

Vandenberg Air Force Base provides a steady source of new arrivals to the Central Coast area. Due to the attractive climate and small town atmosphere many decide to never leave or to return to the area after they retire from military service. The biggest weather related complaints here tend to be fog and wind; complaints that generate laughter from those who have spent winters living with ice, shoveling snow, and hiding from freezing sleet.
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Buying Bank Owned Properties (REOs) in the Santa Maria/Orcutt and Lompoc/Vandenberg Village Foreclosure Market

The Santa Maria and Lompoc real estate markets are currently dominated by foreclosure listings. Of the 663 active listings for homes/condos in the Santa Maria - Orcutt area, approximately 25% (165) are bank owned properties (REOs), and about 50% (339) were short sales. Similarly in the Lompoc - Vandenberg Village active market for homes and condos, there are 198 total listings, and 20% (39) were REOs and 40% (81) were short sales. This means that 75% of the active market in Santa Maria and 60% of the active market in Lompoc and its surrounding areas could be classified as either a foreclosure or a pre-foreclosure. Certain trends or practices are becoming fairly routine in this market.
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