Oysters at Avila Beach, Anyone?

Sunbathing sea lions at Avila Beach

One of our favorite things to do is to pile the dogs into the car and drive up the coast to Avila Beach and grab some oysters.  There are some local spots on the pier or in town where you could get them at a restaurant, but we prefer to buy to buy our own.  You can still drive your car to the end of Avila’s historic wooden pier (although parking can be tight), and the dogs love the view from the car window.  The seafood market usually offers at least two varieties of oysters (among lots of other seafood choices) and I prefer to buy the smaller ones when eating them raw.  Once you reach the end of the pier you might also notice a crowd gathered to spy the sunbathing sea lions at the end of the dock.  This is all a part of what makes living on the Central Coast so special to me; we have all of this here for our enjoyment with year round perfect weather.

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