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Organic Food in Santa Maria: Lassens Health Food

Lassen's Natural Foods in Santa Maria

Lassen's Natural Foods in Santa Maria

Looking for organic foods in Santa Maria?  I recommend you stop by Lassen’s on South Broadway.  They have a great selection of organic foods.  I don’t think you need to be a food extremist to want to eat organic.  It simplytastes better in my opinion.  It does cost a little more, but you can use that as a great excuse to be mindful about how much food we waste.  Buy what you know you will eat and enjoy it; I guess that is the anti-Costco philosophy.  Lassens also has almost every kind of health supplement you could imagine and what they don’t have they will order for you.  If you have food or cosmetic sensitivties, Lassen’s may indeed stock the soaps, lotions, or gluten free products that you need.  The dairy case includes cage free eggs, unsweetend yogurt and an assortment of cheeses.  While Trader Joe’s, is a great place to begin your organic food shopping, many times I end up at Lassens to complete it.

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