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What I admire most about Tni is her level of integrity. She went the extra mile for me to ensure that I was fully informed about the properties I was viewing, the local area, and property values. In a declining market, agents stand to make less and less on real estate transactions because their commission is based upon the sale price. Even so, Tni was just as motivated to get me the best deal she could as I was. She was very diligent about checking comparable values, right up to the last minute, to ensure that our offer was in line with the market. Because of her effort in this regard, she saved me over $10,000.

Tni is unstoppable. She connected with me nearly every day to keep me up to date about my transaction. She stayed on top of the seller’s agent to ensure that timelines were met. I had a particularly difficult seller and dealing with them required extra paperwork and extreme diligence, which Tni provided with a smile. Because of her legal background, she was able to further ensure contract compliance on both sides of the table and stay on top of my contractual obligations so that the transaction went as smoothly as possible.

Tni stands out on a personal level as well. Not only does she provide legal savvy, integrity and diligence, but she is a joy to work with because she is so cheerful and positive. She laughs easily and often. She handles difficult people (including me) and situations with professional poise. She is generous with her time. And it is obvious that she loves not only the industry and profession in general, but that she takes joy in helping people achieve their dreams. When it’s time to sell, I’m definitely going to call her. I hope that you do the same.

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