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Will the Bank Pay My HOA Dues As a Part of My Short Sale?

Even without a lien, a large amount of unpaid dues can become an issue. And, if the bank won't pay and you as the seller can't pay - it could make your short sale difficult to close. A better solution is to start on your short sale early while not much is owed on HOA dues, keep those dues current, or, at the very least out of collections.
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How Time Can Run Out On Your Santa Maria Short Sale

One of the worst things that distressed Central Coast homeowners do is waiting until the clock is ticking before contacting a short sale agent. When does the clock start ticking? I tell people it starts ticking when you stop paying. Ideally, if you know a financial hardship is imminent, you should begin exploring your options, including a short sale, before any payments are even missed. In its recent Open Letter on Short Sales, the California Association Realtors reports that according to surveyed California Realtors® only about three out of five short sales close.
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Top 5 Short Sale Myths

Myth #1: I have to be an owner occupant to qualify for a short sale. Where did this myth come from? I’ve done short sales for investors and non-owner occupants. They happen all the time. I just listed a home where the lender told the owner to do a short sale on their rental property. You can sell your investment or rental property via short sale.
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Santa Maria – Orcutt 2009 Real Estate & Foreclosure Market Update

1275 single family homes sold in Santa Maria and Orcutt in 2009. This excludes PUDs, condos, and manufactured homes. This figure is slightly higher than the 1230 homes which sold last year. 175 condos and PUDs sold during the same period in 2009; compared to 130 units in 2008. So, overall the number of sales in Santa Maria and Orcutt is up.
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