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The Rush to Lowball

And what have you told me as the seller when you make a low offer so quickly? You’ve told me that you really do want this house and you recognize that someone else would want it too so you are trying to move quickly. So, then even if I’m not insulted by your low offer, I think I can probably get you to pay a lot more than what you’ve offered -- basically I may think your actions speak louder than that low price.
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Will My Bank Still Approve My Short Sale If I Owe Twice What My Home Is Worth?

Many homeowners who are severely underwater ask this question. Generally, the reason a bank accepts a short sale is due to the hardship of the seller. It is not because the short sale offer is close to or far from the loan balance. Once hardship is established, the issue becomes the market value of the asset. If market value is half -- market value is half -- there is no way around that.
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