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How Time Can Run Out On Your Santa Maria Short Sale

One of the worst things that distressed Central Coast homeowners do is waiting until the clock is ticking before contacting a short sale agent. When does the clock start ticking? I tell people it starts ticking when you stop paying. Ideally, if you know a financial hardship is imminent, you should begin exploring your options, including a short sale, before any payments are even missed. In its recent Open Letter on Short Sales, the California Association Realtors reports that according to surveyed California Realtors® only about three out of five short sales close.
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Buying An Approved Short Sale in the Central Coast Market

What is an approved short sale? Let's start with what a short sale is -- a short sale is where the owner owes more on their loan than their home is worth but they still must sell the home. So, the home is placed on the market and offers are accepted -- subject to lender approval. Lender approval can take months to obtain. An approved short sale is a short sale where the seller has already received approval from the bank. So, usually they list the property at a price that the bank has already indicated that they will accept, and they typically indicate how much closing costs credit and any repair credits the bank will allow.
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Central Coast of California Short Sale Seller Tips

Short sales are common these days. Santa Maria has 255 active short sale listings, Lompoc lists 72 short sales on the market, Nipomo has 14, and Arroyo Grande also has 14 active short sales. The difficult part is obtaining “lender approval” which adds delays to the process. Because approvals attach to a specific buyer, it is vital to find a committed buyer for your short sale. Often lenders require the process to start over if the buyer abandons their offer. This can draw out the process even further. But it is important to note that short sale transactions are closing all over the Central Coast. In the month of December, 18 short sales closed in Santa Maria (2 of these were my listings), 2 in Lompoc, 2 in Nipomo, and 1 in Arroyo Grande.
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