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The House Looking Competition

I can see it in your eyes: you think you can look at more houses than me,

It’s a challenge I’ve had from which I’ve claimed victory,

Boom and it’s on, and we’re off to the races,

There is simply no way you can look at any more places.

You see, I look at houses on vacation just for fun,

That’s right, when my family is restin’ and relaxatin’,

I’m off at model homes fillin’ out bogus registrations.

You can’t tire me out, I know what you’re trying to do,

But the fact of the matter is, I can look at more houses than you.

Your search party is over there looking at bedroom sizes,

They have no idea what your ultimate prize is,

Thinking that they are helping to find your new home,

They don’t know it’s your REALTOR® you want to dethrone.

I catch a glance across the counter and I know this is a battle,

Won’t take me but a minute to jump back in the saddle,

That’s right, when you’re kickin’ back watching Lifetime or ESPN,

I’m on the MLS viewing houses, one and then ten.
See you’re stepping into the ring with Muhammad Ali,

Decided to shoot a few hoops with the likes of Kobe,

Next time we go out to look, you can bet I’ve seen that house before, 

And while you’re asking about lot size, well I’m ready for more.

You think I want to hurry and get to a commission,

But that’s no reason for a house looking competition,

Let’s get this straight, I’m here to help you through this process,

But you have to let me do my job to have true success.
Then it happened last Thursday, you started to wean,

Right as your significant other started to scream,

“If we look at one more house I’m gonna fall apart,”

“Either we buy a house today or I’ll make a new start.”

I saw the fear in your eyes, as you started to focus,

You closed your eyes, took a breath and said. . .

“Let’s offer on the first house you showed us.”

Disclaimer – The depiction of house looking in this blog post is strictly tongue-in-cheek.  Buyers are strictly advised against entering into any sort of “House Looking Competition,” as doing so can lead to:  “Exhaustion,” “Desperation,” “Taking what you can get,” and worse yet, “Renting.”  Competitive house looking should only be attempted by trained professionals who have experience previewing for out of town clients and/or who have regularly attended weekly REALTOR® caravans.

Copyright © Tni LeBlanc 2010 *The House Looking Competition*

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