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An open secret to locals, Orcutt Burgers has some of the best food in Santa Maria and Orcutt.  They regularly place as one of the favorite fast food restaurants in town.  But don’t let the name fool you — it’s not just burgers.  The breakfast menu is outstanding with plenty to offer.  Visit any weekend morning and you will see the place packed with locals enjoying flapjacks, super sized omelets and homemade salsa.  That being said, the burgers are top notch, made to order, and will not disappoint. 

I would say that what stands out about Orcutt Burgers is the freshness of the food.  For those of us who remember the good ole days when you went out to a restaurant and the food tasted as good or better than what you had at home, you will appreciate coming “home” to an establishment like Orcutt Burgers.  There are two locations; one in Grover Beach on Grand and the other sitting prominently at the intersection of Clark and Bradley in Orcutt.  Orcutt Burger is a personal favorite and truly a Central Coast treasure.

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