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I’ve recently found a company that I feel good about referring people to for credit repair. I am often asked for credit repair referrals from prospective buyers. However, until recently I never felt confident sending people anywhere except off to a local book store to learn how to do it themselves — which is a lot of work. For those who want assistance with their credit repair, please give me a call and I will provide you with contact information for this company. I feel confident referring people to them because: 1) they are using local representatives who have long standing relationships with the local community; 2) the price is reasonable at $500; and 3) they offer a performance based gurantee.

For many, credit repair has become a necessary part of getting ready to buy a home due to identity theft and/or inaccurately reported information. Additionally, improving your credit score just slightly can significantly affect the interest rate you are offered on a home loan, which results in thousands of dollars of savings over the life of a loan.

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