Where can I rent a movie in Santa Maria CA?

Since Blockbuster closed its doors, many people are wondering where they can rent a movie in south Santa Maria. I, for one, did not mourn the loss of Blockbuster. I still remember my favorite little video rental shops being put out of business, and more importantly the late fees! I believe Hollywood Video is still open — although I haven’t travelled up to the north end to verify it. Besides that, IMO it always felt more like a gaming shop than a movie rental place. I use Netflix, but we all know that the occasion arises when we want a particular movie right NOW, or it’s Friday and we get those little red envelopes and can’t believe that these movies were in our queue.

Pay per view is an option when you have cable or Direct TV I guess, but it doesn’t give the full experience of browsing that I desire. On those days, I run over to Albertson’s on South Broadway and visit the in store movie rental nook, Marbles. The employees in there are real movie lovers and give great advice, and best of all you can have your movie NOW. Everytime I go I think it is a well kept secret. See you there!

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