Central City Market – A Welcome Addition to the Santa Maria Restaurant Scene

Have you checked out Central City Market in Santa Maria Town Center mall yet?  If you head to the Macy’s annex and look directly across from the new location for Gina’s Piece of Cake you will make a delightful discovery.  Central City market is part deli, part gourmet grocery, and it fills a much needed void for the local wine and food enthusiast (i.e. food snob).  The items included in their inventory have been thoughtfully selected and are displayed in a manner that will draw you in rather than overwhelm you with excess.  Stop over by the deli case to find out the daily special or get a toothpicked taste of the best thing going on right at the moment.  But, don’t pass up the desserts in this place, you will regret it.  Thankfully, they offer sizes that one person could actually eat, beautiful little bite size torts and other surprises.  Once a month they close the restaurant down at about 6pm,  and host a well-attended wine maker dinner which has featured Kenneth Volk,  among others.  Call Ryan or Erin and book your spot today!  (805) 925-7766

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