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Hi all!! This is the my very first blog posting. I am very excited to begin using this new tool to communicate with my clients and potential clients. There are so many exciting changes going on in the Santa Maria/Orcutt real estate market right now. I want to help you take advantage of current market changes.  So, please bookmark my blog and check it every day for the most current info on the Santa Maria Valley market.

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The “word on the street” is that financing is getting tougher to obtain.  The subprime market has all but disappeared overnight.  Some say the days of 100% financing are over. 

There is no need to overreact, there are still many programs out there to help first time home buyers get into homes.  Federally backed programs which offer low down payment financing options are still available, although they do have lower loan limits than the conventional programs that have been popularized over the last boom cycle.  So, FHA and VA financing are still available to help those who don’t have a 20% or even 10% downpayment to get into their first home. 

Most importantly, the recent changes in financing underscore the importance of keeping your credit clean.  The home buying preocess should begin with pulling your credit and getting it into the best shape possible prior to purchase.  Please give me a ring at (805) 878-9879, and we can discuss further how to put this process in motion for you! 

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